Obedience Classes

What You Need To Know to be Ready For Class

Besides bringing your dog, there are a few things you will need to ensure successful training.

  • Treats! It’s helpful to have a couple of varieties increasing in yumminess for your dog.
  • Mat–something comfy for your dog to settle on.
  • A copy of your dog’s current vaccination records.
  • A HUNGRY dog!

For the beginning classes, we practice some foundational behaviors at the beginning of each class. Here’s a video demonstrating those behaviors and showing you what to bring to class. 

Walk This Way 
(1 Week $35)

Do you struggle with walking your dog or pup on a loose leash? This class is for you!

Get started on the right paw! This class uses various skills to create engagement and attention while on a walk. Not your typical obedience class, this one targets the specific skill of loose leash walking. For all ages!

Loose leash walking
K9 Manners & More Puppy Class

Puppy Kindergarten 
(6 Weeks $175)

Puppy K is your puppy’s head start on learning the social and obedience skills he will need as an adult. In this class, you will learn the basic skills of sit, down, wait and stay, walking on leash, leave-it, and come when you’re called. As a puppy owner, you want to learn about house training, proper chew training, and mouthing and biting that puppies do – and we will teach you!

  • Puppy must have been in your home for 2 weeks
  • Puppy has had 2 of the puppy boosters
  • Puppy must be at least 10 weeks of age and not over 20 weeks of age when you attend your first class
  • Register for course online

Courteous, Obedient, Educated Dogs 
(6 Weeks $175)

Beginner obedience course for dogs that are over 5 months old

In this 6 week course, you can achieve amazing results as your dog learns some real life skills he will need to be a well-rounded family companion. Solve common behavior problems such as jumping up, and pulling on leash. Learn loose leash walking, coming when called, wait and stay, leave-it, sit politely for petting, settle on your mat, proper dog greetings and more!

  • Register for course online
  • Dog must have been in your home for 2 weeks
  • Dog is current on vaccinations for Rabies virus, Distemper, and Parvovirus
  • Dog has not bitten any person or caused harm to another animal
K9 Manners & More COEDs
K9 Manners & More Model Citizens

Model Citizens 
(6 Weeks $175)

Advanced Beginner obedience course for dogs that are over 5 months old

In this 6 week course, your dog will be learning how to behave as a canine good citizen. Loose leash walking will improve as you learn about turns and stops, walking fast and slow, and walking through a crowd with distractions. He will learn to stay in place politely, while other dogs are present. He will even learn to come when called when there are interesting distractions! The Model Citizens course will prepare you and your dog for the AKC® Canine Good Citizen (CGC®) and CGC Advanced (Community Canine) tests. This is a great course for anyone thinking about doing therapy dog work! 

Periodically we offer our students the opportunity to test for the CGC® and CGCA®. Click HERE for testing dates.


  • Successful completion of the COEDS class, or
  • Recommendation of the Puppy K instructor
  • Completion of a beginner obedience class taken elsewhere (at least 6 weeks in duration)
  • Dog must have been in your home for 2 weeks
  • Dog is current on vaccinations for Rabies virus, Distemper, and Parvovirus

INTERNS (Intermediate Novice Students) (6 Weeks $150)​

Intermediate obedience course

As you discover how much fun it is to train your dog, you will be excited to get into this class! Dogs will start to work off-leash, and loose leash walking becomes heeling with attention. We teach self-control (impulse control) exercises, “formal” recalls with front and finish, and more! Get ready to compete in obedience trials, or just enjoy a very well-mannered pet.

  • Successful completion of the Model Citizen class, or
  • Passing CGC or CGCA test
K9 Manners & More Interns Class
K9 Manners & More Aces

ACES (Advanced Class for Eager Students)
(6 Weeks $150)

Advanced obedience course.

Teamwork is the key element of this course. How to get your dog to heel with attention, how to keep your dog focused among many distractions, and what is required at both ends of the leash! You will learn many of the skills used in Rally and competition obedience classes, and we will introduce retrieving and jumping.

  • Completion of at least 6 weeks of INTERNS class, and
  • Dog can demonstrate that he will come when called if off the leash, and can sit/stay and down/stay off leash with other dogs in a group setting