Dog Supplies

At K9 Manners & More, we have a small retail section that has a variety of treats, some collars and leashes, and a few other things for your dog. 

We have partnered with for the items that we don’t stock. Chewy has all kinds of foods, toys, and much more. Please follow this link for your all your dog supplies. (K9 Manners will make a small commission on your purchase with no additional cost to you.)

Freedom No-Pull Harness

We are frequently asked for recommendations for a dog harness that will discourage the dog from pulling while on a leash. While there is no “miracle cure,” we have found this harness and leash combo to be effective. 

You can purchase this from 2 Hounds Design through our special affiliate link (with no additional cost to you). They have a variety of colors and each set comes with a harness and a leash that has two points of contact to the harness.


Freedom No-Pull Harness
Freedom No-Pull Leash

K9 Manners & Antinol Joint + Wellness

Dogs are pure happiness in motion when they’re dock diving. We’ve partnered with Antinol®, a natural joint health + wellness supplement designed to keep dogs at their best. 🐾

To celebrate the partnership, enjoy 5% off when using code NADD6466639 at checkout on Let’s do this together and keep happiness in motion! 💪

K9 Manners And Antinol Joint and Wellness Offer


Many people can call themselves an expert dog trainer but not as many go through the education and credentialing process with renowned organizations. Our instructors and trainers have completed their studies and continue their education with the following organizations:

Other Resources

In all our classes we endeavor to give you the most tools to work with your dog that we can. In the brief time that we spend together, we couldn’t possibly exhaust all there is to know about canine behavior. Below are a few other resources that we believe you will find helpful: