Fido's Festivities

Fido's Festivities 2023

Dogs in Santa Hats

Families are so busy during the holidays that our dogs often get left out. This course is a way to bring the dog into the fun! Just as the family attends holiday parties during the end of the year, this is the dog’s chance for a party – and it is a fun way to de-stress over the holidays!

Dogs should be able to be in the presence of other dogs without issue (no growling, lunging or showing aggression toward people or dogs). The prerequisite for this class is graduation from our Puppy Kindergarten, COEDS, or Model Citizens classes.

Owners should bring their dog in on a 5 or 6 foot leash (not a retractable) attached to a flat collar or front-clip harness. You should also bring dog treats cut up into bite-sized pieces.

This course will consist of trick training, rally obedience and games to incorporate skills in fun ways. We even plan to have a craft session and photos!

Each class will last approximately 1 hour and is limited to 10 dogs.

The course will be held for three consecutive weeks: