Canine Influenza Virus

Canine Influenza Virus

Important information regarding the canine influenza virus

You may have seen reports that local veterinarians have confirmed Canine Influenza Virus is in the Tulsa area at local boarding facilities. Local vets are recommending a series of two vaccinations for dogs going into boarding or that frequent dog parks or dog day care facilities.

Canine influenza is similar to Kennel Cough, in that it is airborne and can be transmitted by direct contact with another dog or indirect contact such as surfaces and people’s hands. They are also alike that the vaccinations do not fully prevent your dog from getting the illness, but do lessen the severity of the illness for most dogs.

We recommend contacting your veterinarian to discuss treatment prevention options for your dog. At this time, we are continuing to strongly encourage Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and Canine Influenza vaccinations, but not requiring them.

K9 Manners & More operates a very limited and closed Day Training program where the same group of dogs come on the same day of the week. We also use Veterinary Grade Disinfectant, called Rescue, to treat all areas and equipment that are used by the program. We use the same Veterinary Grade Disinfectant to treat group class areas after each class.

Staff are washing hands or using hand sanitizer between handling each dog and are not sharing toys, chews or other items between dogs.

Additional ways you can help:

  • If your dog has been boarded at a local facility or will be boarded at Christmas Break we are offering a two-week suspension of your Day Train and/or Training Package.  This will limit the exposure to the other dogs in our program. If you contact us to arrange prior to boarding, you will not lose those two weeks of your package, they will be added on at the end.
  • If your dog is showing any upper respiratory symptoms, do not bring your dog to Day Train or Classes. Contact your veterinarian and inform us immediately of symptoms.
  • Do not go to Dog Parks or other large gatherings of dogs. Consider leaving your dog at home when you go to the local pet store.
  • Do not board your dog unless you absolutely must.
  • Local veterinarians are also recommending not using grooming facilities at this time.
  • Discuss with your vet about vaccinating your dog(s).

For more information about Canine Influenzas (CI, or dog flu):